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Brian (Bop) Peterson was born November 29th, 1986 in Harrisburg, Pa. Bop is the second oldest child of seven children between his father and mother. Bop grew up in the uptown area of Harrisburg. He lived life like any normal kid but certain experiences left him with a story to tell. Bop can tell you about watching his father leave when he was nine years old to move to Atlanta, Georgia. He has memories tattooed in his mind of watching his mother transform from being a hustler to the customer of a hustler. At eleven years of age Bop had to take the responsibility of caring for his younger siblings (two brothers age 9 and 7 and a sister under one years of age). Around that time Bop's mother was arrested and his dad moved back to Harrisburg to watch over him and his brothers. However, his sister was cared for by his aunt Lorraine Peterson (now deceased). Bop developed a close relationship with his father while his mother was in and out of prison. He began to take an interest in sports. His father attempted to keep him and his brothers active in basketball, football, and baseball. Bop participated but his focus had drifted into another direction. While attempting to live a more stable way of life with his father; Bop never let go his inner city mentality. Bop managed to sell drugs without his father knowing and was using his grandmother's house as an excuse to be in the city.

Bop stopped selling drugs at sixteen to focus on playing basketball and football in high school. Low grades & a broken collarbone injury caused him to miss half of his junior year in football. This setback caused Bop to lose his motivation in sports.
In late 2002 Bop’s mother was released from prison. Bop soon moved back into the city with her. She encouraged him to stay in sports and he took her advice. It wasn’t until the summer of 2004 that Bop discovered he possessed another talent; rapping. He never took it seriously until a local singer set up a battle between Bop and a local rapper named Choyce (who Bop later teamed up with to start a “movement”). Bop soon became a member of "Hood Legends" along with Choyce and another local rapper Shrizz Mac. But in 2005 Bop's street life caught up with him and he was sentenced to 2 to 5 years in a state correctional facility. Bop not only lost his freedom but he lost a full football scholarship to Alabama State.

During his time in the Camp Hill correctional facility, Bop took rap more serious and focused on honing his craft. Bop began to study the dictionary to increase his vocabulary. He began writing at least three songs a day. Bop felt like he was ready to take on the title of "King of Harrisburg" when it came to rap. After being released Bop was ready to take on his responsibilities as a father and get acquainted (his son and daughter who were born while he was in prison). He was also ready to put in quality time in the studio. Throwing the songs he wrote in prison away and writing all new ones, Bop released a mixtape in December 2008 called Tha Cleanup Man (Bases Loaded). He got a buzz but not the buzz he was looking for. Due to some parole violations March 2009, Bop was put back into a halfway house where he wasn't able to leave the property. After being released in June 2009, Bop continued his quest by releasing another mixtape called Tha Grindhouse. It received great fedback.
By the time he released his mixtape Swagg Flu, he had a huge buzz in the streets.

In July of 2010, EMI songwriter/producer Hasan Johnson (Mary J. Blige, P. Diddy, J.Lo, etc.) signed Cuzzin Bop to an exclusive deal with his L.C. Experience imprint. Currently Bop is working on three music projects simultaneously as well as performing.

Music is not Bop’s only passion; He also wants to be heavily involved in the community that he grew up in. He is planning on investing a lot of time serving his community and spreading positive and encouraging messages to the youth. Bop's story stands as a testimony to what faith and determination can bring into fruition.